Still Waters
Still waters run deep in the small town of Mon. Not quite close enough to the Big City to be a bedroom community, too close to be a tourist destination, it was the perfect place for an independent production company ~ Studio One Six ~ to try its wings.

The studio earned near immediate success with its science fiction television show, "The Kronos Project", bringing fame and fortune to Mon in the form of tourists, paparazzi, and those who want to be seen with the "next big thing".

But what makes or breaks a town isn't its location or the businesses it supports, it is the people who live and work there. Hopes, dreams, ambitions; successes and failures.

Deep running waters indeed.

STiLL WATERS ~ Seasons One, Two & Three are in the Archive. Season Four episodes will show up there, as well, as they accumulate... :)
Warning, this website contains stories with mature themes, sexuality, violence, and coarse language; not suitable for family viewing.
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1. Christmas Eve Interupted: Isabelle & Rafe

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The Kronos Project is Studio One Six's runaway hit television show!

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