Still Waters

Blathersike™ is the biggest selling celebrity gossip magazine after Star; its goal is to outsell Star one day, and to that end is always after its reporters to come up with the Big Scoop. Blatherskite will not hesitate to be controversial - even political - if it will, as their tagline says, have people talking.

Maeve Cameron is assigned to cover to doings of Studio One Six, and whatever other celebrities are drawn to Mon as a result of the Studio's success. She has interviewed Marguerite Beaufort, Philip Cavanaugh, the stars of the Kronos Project, pop tart Claudette, and super model Sooki. None have given Maeve the elusive Big Scoop. Her photographer on the spot is Jesse Joone.

Blatherskite, July 2010

Blatherskite, November 2008

Blatherskite, November 2009

Below is a sample layout from a "Stars: Then & Now" spread Blatherskite did in 2009.

graphic panel

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