Still Waters

Character Bio Index ~ because every a biography.

Studio One Six Townies Villains Others
Philip Cavanaugh & Marguerite Beaufort Aiden & Persephone Dis Stuart & Lori Crosby Sooki
Lorenzo di Luca Cate Brimo & Dion Hughes Dex Rowan [d] & Tony Mandry [d] Claudette
Derek Drake Liam Murphy Mysti [d] Evita Menendez
Rafe Wilkes Cobalt Tarasova Mr. Christopher Douglas Silver
Isabelle Demaris Francine & Beatrice Marquette April Skye
Max & Maynard Bailor Thomas & Elizabeth Lloyd Stiletto Rose
Henry Madison Maeve Cameron & Jesse Joone Tori Jayne Hart
Grace Bancroft
Dr. Nathan Atoos Lt. Jack Owings
Abby Smythe

animated portrait strip

Links will go live as I get the bios written...beg pardon for the snail's pace!

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© 2010, all rights reserved.