Still Waters

Sooki is a single name celebrity, one of the most photographed faces in fashion - just check Flickr!

She has her roots in humble beginnings, though, and as a result she donates generously to various women's shelters. But it is the shelter in Merritown, run by Persephone Dis, that holds a special place in her heart. Here, when her schedule permits, she also gives of her time, encouraging the women and children to not give up, to believe in their dreams.

Sooki maintains an apartment in Mon, as a escape residence, a place she can withdraw from hectic, international travel; a place where she can live an almost normal life. Unfortunately, the demands of her profession mean she can seldom take advantage of it.

Spiritually, Sooki believes in One Truth, at the end of many paths. It is up to the individual seeker to choose their own path. Sooki's path lies in the symbolism of the modern reinvention of paganism. She believes the state of her soul is a matter between her and her gods.

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