Cate has taken a furnished studio apartment downtown, she knows Dion will find her...

Cate and Dion have a...special relationship

Cate finds working naked somewhat distracting; to make it fair, she throws on something that could be called clothing. "Are we ready to work, now?"

"Sweet Cate, I think you are more distracting half dressed than fully naked."

"Focus, Dion."

"I haven't seen you in months, believe me, I'm focused!"


"Okay, okay. I, um, met Lady Death already. And plan A won't work."

Cate blinks. "What was plan A?"

He smiles. "I was going to seduce her, of course."

"You don't think that might be a little dangerous?"

"Then it's a good thing we have to use plan B, isn't it?"

"How did you meet Lady Death? And why...?"

"Ah. Yes. Well. It seems she is staying with, uh, someone I met en route."

She stares. "Dion. Tell me I did not just hear you say that."

"I could tell you...but by the look in your eye, you wouldn't believe me."

She rubs the bridge of her nose. "Derek Drake, rising star in the world of haute couture."

Dion looks puzzled. "I don't know anything about the fashion world, Cate. Kind of falls outside my area of expertise. What does that have to do with Lady Death and.... Ah. Oh."

"Why do you always complicate things, Dion?"

He gives her a disarming smile.

"I'm more worried about Douglas Silver. He's in town as one of Claudette's bodyguards - you have heard of Claudette?"

He rolls his eyes. "Silver doesn't give anything away. He isn't close to anyone, he pays for his sex. If he's here for a hit...unless you want to pose as a prostitute, Cate...I'm not his type."

"I thought you could seduce anyone?"

Dion gives her a bland look. "Don't think I haven't tried."

"Well, hang out at the Wet Whistle a few nights ~ Claudette treats her staff like slaves, I find it hard to believe Silver would put up with that for a bodyguard's pay."

"And you said the third is Ninja-boy?"

"Straight forward stalking of Lady Death. He spends his time staking out Drake's apartment, or otherwise following her around."

"He was her apprentice, right?"

Cate nods. "Do you think you can keep an eye on Silver? Oh! I almost forgot ~ we're invited to Aiden and 'Seph's for Christmas dinner."

"My, won't that be fun."

Cate drapes herself over his lap. "Tell me, Dion. Did you and Aiden ever...?"


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