Before Christmas dinner at the Dis house, Cate and Dion make their report to Aiden. "Just like the old days"

Dion excuses himself early, "I have another engagement." But he doesn't leave without giving Cate one last present...

Later, back at Cate and Dion's apartment, Dion comes home to find Cate still awake. She smiles at him, "It's such a turn on, when you come to me smelling of another man."

Dion, easly distracted, pins her to the kitchen cabinets. "Happy to oblige," he says, pulling off her top.

"We need to talk.."

"Talk quickly. Or talk later."

"Break it off with Drake."

Dion stops to stare at her. "Jealous, Cate? Afraid I might give my heart away?"

"It's not your heart I'm worried about, it's his. If you break it, do you really think Lady Death would hesitate to kill you? I know you don't like to be told whom you can and cannot sleep with - I sympathize! But Dion...ask yourself this. Is he worth dying for?"

Dion stares a little longer, seeing a great deal of sense in her words. The she tugs his shirt over his head and he can't see at all...

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