Every year, for the past 50 (and possibly longer, on an unofficial basis) the Norfolk group of families has had a New Years Eve celebration. Once hosted in private homes, each generation has added more and more members. For the past few years, the Hotel Roehampton has been the scene, a buffet dinner, orchestra, champagne, and a New Years Day Brunch.

Dion, as a member of the Hughes family, has received an invitation every year since his father died. He has never gone, and the Norfolk group has been relieved. But things have changed and Dion would like to repair his reputation, so this year, after discussing his motives with Cate, he accepted the invitation.

When Persephone heard that Dion and Cate were going, she asked Aiden if he wanted to go. The Kore family is also a member of the Norfolk group. 'Seph has attended sporadically, but Aiden expressed no interest in spending time with what he termed "rich snobs".

However, if Cate and Dion are going, he supposes it'll be okay...

A thorough check in the mirror, Cate, although not happy with the dress she's wearing, decides she'll pass muster.

Veronique Doucette, this year's hostess, obviously disagrees.

After that rough start, the party moved fully upstairs and went smoothly. Aiden met some potential clients, Cate charmed the men and infuriated the women, Persephone realized all over again why she had to leave this circle and do her own thing. Dion believes some work has been made towards people seeing him as more responsible, possibly even intelligent.

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