Dion has never paid much attention to Valentine's Day - a Hallmark holiday that, to his point of view, seemed designed to make single people feel somehow inferior. The words "I love you" have always fallen easily from his tongue, and have always been sincere in the moment they were spoken, however fleeting the moment was.

He has known for a while now - since their last job together - that when he tells Cate "I love you," he means it for more than just the passing moment. Since pointing out to her - however teasingly - that they are living together, he has found himself thinking quite often of the situation.

He likes living with Cate, looks forward to coming home to her, enjoys the easy familiarity of her presence. He has even begun to plot a way to make the arrangement more permanent. But he is uncomfortable examining his feelings too deeply - it seems to him sometimes that he needs Cate, and needing someone is, in his view, a fatal weakness.

He doesn't know if he should try to express his feelings...or not...or how.

Cate feels no such dilemma. She loves Dion for exactly who and what he is, and trusts he loves her the same way. Living with him - which is not something she has admitted to, in spite of the reality of the situation - is more than pleasant. He doesn't expect her to be a one man woman - something she knew she could never be when her fiance found her rather intimately wound up with the best man. At the church. Twenty minutes before the wedding.

She recognizes Dion's gesture as symbolic - he gave her his heart and wants her to take care of it - but she doesn't understand why he should be so hesitant, so out of character. As far as she's concerned, nothing has really changed between them.

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