Cate met Aiden in the process of putting Stuart Crosby, "The Pirate of Theatre Row", behind bars. Although he produces long-running, successful plays, ballets, and aspires to opera, his true fortune comes from the very efficient, very lucrative, very well hidden sales of illicit drugs and handguns. Since he's been in prision, the drug and handgun trade in the Big City has gone to hell.

It was around then Dion Hughes wandered into the art gallery that was Cate's day job at the time.

Stuart Crosby always claimed he was framed, that he was innocent. He was so skilled at hiding his illegal activities, that yes, Cate, Aiden and the crew had to finally frame him in order to get him behind bars. He is not in any way innocent.

His wife Lori has always spoken publically in defense of her husband, repeating his claims of being framed, of being innocent. They had a heartwarming reunion in front of the cameras.

In the meanwhile...Cate and Dion call together the original crew that put Crosby away in the first place...

Of course, Stuart Crosby and his inner circle are not sitting idle!

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