Aiden and Persephone Dis, newly married just this past October 31

Aiden Dis is the "hidden money" in Mon; he works for his wealth, which comes from a number of sources, not all entirely legal.

Seph's mother was extremely against the marriage, telling Seph's father to not permit it or Bad Things would happen to him. Seph's father, on the other hand, rather likes Aiden Dis, and likes also having what Aiden represents on his side, so to speak.

When Aiden was courteously old-fashioned enough to ask for permission to wed Seph, her father was loathe to say no. But his wife's warning was still ringing in his ears. So he suggested, in a round-a-bout way, that if the couple eloped, permission would be something of a moot point.

Aiden, well aware of how his future mother-in-law felt about him, took this information to Seph, wondering how she'd feel about missing the elaborate wedding she would have if her choice of husband were different.

"Sure!" she said cheerily, "Lets go to Las Vegas!"

"I was thinking something a little more...tasteful."

"Darling, I didn't mean some hole-in-the-wall chapel with an Elvis impersonator," she chided. "I was thinking Caesar's my mother's dress! Oh, Aiden, it will be so much fun!"

Which is how Aiden Dis managed to get married without fanfare, without press, without a photographer. They asked a tourist to snap a couple of pics after the ceremony, for momentos.

The Elopement of Aiden and Persephone Dis

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