Lorenzo wants Cate to observe a day of filming at the Studio, to get the feel for it, and get used to seeing big cameras and boom mics - and learn to ignore them.

At the end of what proves to be very long day, Maynard catches up with Cate in the hallway.

"I think Lorenzo has a crush on you," Maynard laughs, startling Cate.

"Really? Something in the way he yelled at me?"

"Oh honey, that wasn't yelling! You haven't heard Lorenzo yell. No, he let you back in after that cell phone thing. Normally that's a hanging offense." Maynard cuts a glance her way.

"He's a slave driver! And some of the things he said - just made me furious!"

Maynard laughs, "There's that, too. You hungry?"

Cate checks the time. "I've got an appointment; I'll grab something later..."

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