Still Waters

Liam Murphy and his older brother Brian grew up in Merritown, about halfway between Mon and the Big City. Brian married a woman of Spanish descent, they had a daughter, Madra Louise Murphy. Fourteen year old Maddy was babysitting the New Year's Eve her parents were killed by a drunk driver, leaving Liam as guardian.

Liam MurphyLiam moved to Mon when he decided he wanted to be his own boss. He bought a strip bar at the north end of town that came up cheap when the owner was trying to pare down assets in order to travel light - and avoid the police. It was a modestly profitable business, and kept Liam from thinking about marriage.

But when his brother and sister-in-law died, leaving him with the responsibility of raising a teenaged girl, Liam decided that owing a strip bar wasn't the best role model. He shut the doors, renovated it into a family friendly pub and began to steadily lose money.

Then Studio One Six bought up an old stud farm just north of town and Liam's bar was conveniently close for a lot of actors and other studio folk. The other bars, closer into town, had their regulars and weren't particular inviting to outsiders, but Liam was happy to welcome new customers.

When "The Kronos Project" turned out to be one of the most talked about television shows, the Whistle started making even more money than it had in its former incarnation.

Maddy was a difficult girl at first, resentful that Liam was alive while her parents were dead. She still throws, "You're not my father!" at him when he enforces her curfew or makes her change her clothes for something more modest. She also effectively cut off his sex life, as he felt guilty if he didn't go straight home and he couldn't bring anyone to his home.

Liam and Riggs Liam and Maddy Liam, Chloe, and Riggs Liam and Chloe Brown Liam at work

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