Still Waters

Isabelle Demaris inherited her exotic appearance from her Métis mother, Marie Demaris, and her stubborness (she claims) from her father, Colonel Dean Richards.

Her mother supported Isabelle's career choice and while her father did not, he wasn't around to prevent her. From her youngest days, Isabelle loved to be onstage. Her mother made sure she had dance lessons and voice lessons, but submitted to her father's will when it came to acting lessons. Isabelle got a job and paid for her own acting lessons, going out for every audition within range of her beat up Toyota.

She moved to the Big City with a cardboard box in the back of her rusty car and worked hard, Theatre Row her goal. She was there, and making her way out of the chorus and into some meaty parts when Lorenzo di Luca contacted her about a television role. The idea of a series - regular work, if the series was successful and if not, then just another paying job - was appealing.

Isabelle met Rafe Wilkes at a house party in Mon and the two moved in together a year ago.

Isabelle with Rafe Isabelle in Winter Isabelle Isabelle channels Asia

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